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Seeking Employment

Looking for a job?
HireVenture can help.

F A Q’s

How do I obtain a job?

Send us your resume. Our recruiter will reach out to you and schedule an interview to help find you the right career opportunity.

Do I pay for your services?

No. HireVenture services are free to job seekers. We are a B2B organization and receive compensation from our clients.

If I accept a position through HireVenture, who is my employer?

When you accept a position through HireVenture, your employer depends on the type of placement. In the case of contracted or temporary placements, you would be an employee of HireVenture, ensuring your payroll and benefits are managed by us. However, for direct placements, you will be an employee of the organization you’ll be working for. Rest assured, we are here to facilitate a seamless onboarding process and provide support throughout your journey, regardless of the placement type.

What happens if I am not satisfied with my company or placement?

HireVenture’s goal is to place you where you can be happy and grow in your career. If you are not satisfied, call us and we will work together to find you a better fit.

How do I stay at the top of your call list?

At HireVenture, we are all about networking and building rapport. We encourage you to keep in touch weekly, and let us know how your search is going.

Do I get a referral bonus if I refer someone?

Yes. If you refer someone and they are hired with one of our clients, you will receive a $500 referral bonus. After your referral has been employed 90 business days of their hire you will receive your check. You do not have to be placed with a client to refer someone to us. Call us for details.

Ready to Talk?

We are too! HireVenture is available to answer any
questions you might have as you start your job search.